Bass guitar

Bass guitarBass guitar is a vital and often neglected instrument. The double bass was introduced into the orchestra in the 15th Century, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that the need for an electric guitar-shaped equivalent was felt. The bass guitar didn’t rise to prominence until the 1950s, when it began to replace the double bass in rock ‘n’ roll bands. It is now a vital element in the modern band line-up as one half of the “rhythm section”, providing the important bass notes of a song whilst keeping the rhythm.

Our “rhythm first” approach to teaching is ideal for learning bass as your child will develop a strong internal pulse, an essential skill for all bass players. Our ensemble classes will also inspire your child to continue to practise and progress by learning songs with other musicians.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose to learn bass guitar in the Summer term, once they have gone through our Autumn and Spring term musicianship classes, and will receive tuition in a small group based on age and ability.

See our Fees and timetable page for more information about when and where classes will take place.