Rhythm games

Rhythm is the foundation of music. In spite of this, it is often overlooked in Western-style music tuition in favour of melody and instrumental technique. In our classes we aim to teach rhythm first because having a solid pulse is not only key to playing music of all kinds, it is also key to enjoying and appreciating music as a listener and a dancer too! Other musical elements will then be built upon this solid rhythmic base.

Our rhythm games will act as a fun way to get your child thinking like a musician. They will learn instinctively how to feel a pulse and a beat cycle such as 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 without actually having to count the beats of the bar. They will relate rhythms to words and speech, and therefore will begin to understand how music is a language in itself.

These games will also help to develop your child’s ability to learn to read music as by beginning with rhythmic notation, the task of learning to read becomes far less daunting.

Amazingly they will learn all of this while providing lots and lots of fun!