Fees and timetable

We are currently running individual lessons only. The average term is 12 weeks in length, including Christmas and end of year performances. Typical prices for a 12-week term including performance:

25-minute individual lessons: £150 per term or £40 per month (4 installments)

30-minute individual lessons: £175 per term or £46.25 per month

45-minute individual lessons: £260 per term or £67.50 per month (experienced students only)

1-hour individual lessons: £340 per term or £87.50 per month (experienced students only)

Group classes (not currently running)

Autumn and Spring term classes will take place at the New Haddo Centre, while Summer term instrumental lessons will take place in Lewisham.

Summer term dates will vary as small-group instrumental lessons will be timetabled according to individual availability.

Fees are due to be paid in advance, before the beginning of each term, or can alternatively be paid monthly in advance.

Prices explained

The average cost of instrumental lessons in the UK in 2014 was approximately £30 per hour according to a survey by the Incorporated Society of Musicians.

We provide a mixture of large group music tuition and smaller instrumental classes at an average of £12.50 per lesson. In this respect, our classes are both an ideal and cheaper way for your child to begin learning a musical instrument.

We are able to charge less because we are not a music service and there is no added charge for administration costs. All the money will go to the class teacher, and will be put back into buying and repairing instruments and improving learning facilities.