Student performs piano duetPiano is a very popular instrument, and is often combined with other instruments in a child’s musical training. It came to prominence in the 18th Century as the fortepiano, which translates as “loudsoft”, because it was the first keyboard instrument with the ability to play loud and quiet dynamics. It is now widespread in all genres of music due to its melodic and harmonic capabilities.

Our teaching method for piano at Greenwich Young Musicians is suitable for children who wish to learn any style of music including classical, pop, gospel or jazz piano. While technique is very important for young pianists to learn, we focus on a musical approach which will help your child engage more with the instrument and keep them interested in continuing to practise and progress.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose to learn piano in the Summer term, once they have gone through our Autumn and Spring term musicianship classes, and will receive tuition in a small group based on age and ability.

See our Fees and timetable page for more information about when and where classes will take place.