Drum kit

Drumming performanceDrums are one half of the “rhythm section” in a modern band alongside the bass. The drum kit evolved in America in the early 20th Century from military marching drums. The kit includes cymbals as well as drums and can create a wide range of timbres suitable for many different styles of music. A drummer’s main job is to keep the rhythm, or lay down the groove’, alongside the bass player and to add energy to the music when necessary.

Your child will learn vital drumming skills for playing any genre of music. He or she will begin by learning how to play rock beats and fill-ins, and will soon be able to put them into practise in our ensemble classes. Our teaching method will engage and inspire your child to practise and progress by learning songs with other musicians.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose to learn drum kit in the Summer term, once they have gone through our Autumn and Spring term musicianship classes, and will receive tuition in a small group based on age and ability.

See our Fees and timetable page for more information about when and where classes will take place.