GuitarGuitar can be played in many musical contexts. Many guitar-like stringed instruments have existed throughout musical history, and are thought to have arrived in Europe from the Middle East. The modern acoustic guitar was invented in Spain in the 19th Century, while electric guitars were first introduced in the 1920s. Greenwich Young Musicians students will begin learning on a classical guitar, and will have the option to move on to acoustic guitar, electric guitar or continue with classical guitar. It is a versatile instrument as it can play both melodies and chords, and is used widely in genres of music from rock to flamenco, classical to jazz.

Our teaching for beginner guitar players is suitable for all styles of music, where basic instrumental technique will be learnt in a musical way that will help to keep your child engaged and motivated to play outside of lesson time.

Your child will have the opportunity to choose to learn guitar in the Summer term, once they have gone through our Autumn and Spring term musicianship classes, and will receive tuition in a small group based on age and ability. As your child progresses he or she will be able to choose what kind of guitar playing they want to learn, with the option to move on to classical or electric guitar.

See our Fees and timetable page for more information about when and where classes will take place.