Why choose us?

5 very good reasons to choose our classes…

1. Actively engaging in music is proven to improve a child’s language development and their academic capability at school

Music notation…our first Autumn and Spring term courses develop the “language of music” more than many other music courses, with a curriculum based on aural musical learning. Will it really improve their grades? Well if you stick with our music lessons we hope to at least help your child achieve a good grade in GCSE Music!

2. Why choose to have after-school classes when there are music lessons at school?

Music classes at school can take place in a crowded and occasionally disruptive classroom

.…our classes will provide your child with a chance to learn alongside other enthusiastic children in small and supportive environment.

3. Why choose our classes instead of private instrumental tuition?

Private instrumental tuition is often expensive, and doesn’t give children the chance to enjoy playing music with other musicians

…our courses combine small-group instrumental lessons with ensemble playing, allowing children to learn an instrument and make music with others for an affordable combined cost.

4. Why should my child receive general music classes instead of just learning an instrument?

Porto Rico toddlerOur class teacher Laurence has studied classical, jazz and world music in the UK, Africa and Brazil, and has used this knowledge in his teaching for 8 years

…our classes take the best aspects of musical learning from countries with strong folkloric traditions such as Brazil, Ghana, and Guinea and combine with instrumental teaching methods of the West. Beginning with strong demonstration and developing an understanding of musical language before learning instrumental technique is the best way for your child to become a young musician!

5. Won’t my child and I become impatient if they are not always learning the instrument they want?

Hopefully our Autumn and Spring term courses will be filled with enough fun to keep your child entertained so that they won’t begin to feel impatient to learn their desired instrument

…as for you the parent, we encourage you to remain patient. While the benefits of learning songs, learning to dance and clap in time with music and playing African percussion and flutes may not be immediately apparent – you must trust us when we tell you that it is vital in setting the foundations of a happy and accomplished life of music-making – whatever instrument your child wishes to play.